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Forgo artificial sweeteners.

They only increase hunger and sugar cravings. Artificial sweeteners are not allies in the battle against diabetes. Scientific evidence suggests they don’t help to cut

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Rethink carbohydrates

You can benefit from the carbohydrates in whole plant foods, such as whole fruits, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains. Despite its shortcomings and fallacies, the

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Kicking Diabetes

If you receive a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, you may wonder, Why me? Although genes may be partly to blame, diet and lifestyle bear the

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The New Normal

In the United States, being overweight or obese is the new normal, with over 70 percent of the adult population being affected. Furthermore, many people

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Plant Foods: The Key to Success

Plant foods are the primary sources of the nutrients known to protect against diabetes. Fiber, (the indigestible part of plants), helps control blood sugar, lowers blood

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